Renovation or Add-On

Yes, we handle renovations too. This can be anything from building a pool house or completely gutting a dated home and establishing a new floorplan. We are experts in creating spaces that beautifully blend with your home’s current aesthetic, while bringing additional function and increased value.

Successful renovations begin with smart planning. Just with new construction projects, we’ll define the scope and help you engage an architect or designer, if needed, to develop a detailed plan. Once design plans are in-hand, we will work to bid out the project to finalize the budget.

From here, we will work with the city planning department to ensure all approvals are met and permits obtained. Once construction begins, we’ll have constant communication up until the very end, making sure that every perfect finish is selected and final lighting fixture installed.

May 9, 2017


Let’s Talk Timeframe

Timing varies widely upon project size and scale. This can range anywhere from 6 months to 2 years from start to completion.

The Building Stages