Burleson family headshot

Burleson Family

Mat comes in on-time and he comes in on-budget – both of which were really important to us.”
Laurie and Brad Burleson

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Cohen family headshot

Cohen Family

You can’t go wrong with Mat. Not only is he a really good builder, he’s just a really good person. We like his approach, his temperament, and the way he communicates.”
Tracey and Jeremy Cohen

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Corum family headshot

Corum Family

He’s very talented, but more importantly he was a great listener. He showed us ways to preserve what we already had – to marry the old with the new.”
Beth Corum

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Couch family headshot

Couch Family

Throughout the entire process we were impressed with Mat’s extensive knowledge of building, his trouble-shooting, and his sound advice that helped us meet all of our home construction goals.”
Betsy and Cory Couch

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Weiss family headshot

Weiss Family

It’s a stressful thing, building a house, but Mat and his sub-contractors made it easy.”
Caroline and David Weiss

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August 21, 2019

The Building Stages