Design Plans + Lot Locked In

You’re just around the corner from construction. At this point, you’ve got design plans that you love, and we can’t wait to help make those a reality. If our Tharpe team was involved with the architect during the design process, we’ll be sailing right along. If you’re coming to us for the first time at this stage, we’ll begin the process of reviewing the working plans and specifications to ensure they’re constructible and that we don’t need any additional clarification before the bidding process.

As your primary point of contact, we work directly with all subcontractors on bids to finalize costs for the project. This agreed-upon bid price becomes the budget by which actual expenditures are measured and drawn against. Once all costs are ironed out, we begin the process of permitting and scheduling subcontractors. We handle every element of this process. Our team knows and understands the local permitting process and we pride ourselves on keeping projects moving through proper channels quickly.

Initial construction typically involves clearing and leveling the land, pouring the foundation, and framing out your home. Every detail, from roofing and flooring to electrical wiring and ductwork, is completed by our hand-selected teams of expert craftsmen. We are meticulous when it comes to building per the custom specifications, yet flexible enough to adjust when you have unforeseen requests along the way.

At every stage, our team will schedule inspections with the financier to draw payments on the construction loan when items have been completed. Our team is accountable for the project from starting gate to final stages when you receive the certificate of occupancy. During the process, you are involved in on-the-ground decision making as much (or as little) as you’d like to be.

Let’s go break some ground together.

May 9, 2017


Let’s Talk Timeframe

At this stage, permitting and construction typically takes 1 year from start to completion.

The Building Stages